Born from a passion for sewing and vintage clothing, Her Pony is a label for those who love to mix the old with the new. 
Designed for the modern girl with a vintage flare, the Her Pony team of cosmic creatives combine the best of both worlds. Based in Byron Bay, we are a small yet creative team  working together in a frenzy of fabrics, sequins, vintage clothing and general organised chaos! 

Our passion is to dream up our signature and eclectic pieces and we absolutely love it. We hope that translates into our small-run, limited edition collections for our customers to love too. 

We love our customers and we love Mother Earth. This is why we work hard to ensure super limited runs and constantly gather limited edition vintage fabric and materials to celebrate individuality and sustainability. Our goal is to make items that are life-long pieces rather than following the disposable trends.  

We value our Her Pony babes and always love to hear from you! For any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch x 

HP designer Lauren Stein

♡ HP Designer Lauren Stein ♡

From our Australian home to the tropical island of Bali we source the ultimate outfits for every occasion. Our Byron Bay workshop is always teaming with fun activity as we re-work our vintage finds to perfection. 
Our limited release collections are hand crafted in Indonesia by our amazing local team. Our Bali family share head designer Lauren’s ethics and commitment to sustainable design. Each piece is cut and sewn by hand using recycled materials where possible and always working to minimise wastage. We do not use animal products and are always striving to lessen our footprint on this earth. 


♡ Our amazing Bali Family 


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