What started as a hobby, grew into an obsession...
HP designer Lauren spent many hours of her early teens sewing up a storm in her family garage in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne - creative as a child, she remembers sketching princess designs when she was 6, and loved sticking glitter and sequins on everything.
Dress-making runs in the family with Lauren’s mum having taught her how to sew - having learnt the skill from her mother. Lauren later discovered that more distant relatives had also worked in as dressmakers in the 1930’s!
In her teens, she became obsessed with market hunting and op-shopping for treasures - this is when the sewing passion really took off & her creations made from vintage fabrics and recycled treasures were born.
Eventually she started sewing pieces from scratch using vintage patterns and fabrics (sparkly flares and tie-dye tube tops when she was 13 years old)
At age 21 Lauren decided to go to fashion school.
During the initial interview she told them she wanted to start her own clothing label to which they responded 
“It’s too hard to start your own business in fashion, you should consider a career as a buyer instead” 
Lauren decided against fashion school & started HP anyway - with no formal qualifications or business experience Her Pony was born...
Her Pony is a testament to the fact of what can happen if you decide to shoot for the stars and follow your dreams.
Our brand mission is to inspire young women with confidence so they can pursue their passions and live their best life.