Caring for Your Garments

At Her Pony we proudly choose quality fabrics over quantity production, to ensure your clothes are handmade with love and designed to last. But we need you to do your bit too honeys, to make sure your treasures keep their sparkle. 

  1. Cold wash only, on a delicate setting.

  2. Do not tumble dry, and when air drying avoid full sun as it fades the colours.

  3. For your beaded and sequined items: spot clean only - option b is the dry cleaner.

  4. Use environmentally friendly detergent (this one's for everyone: you, your clothes, and the earth, too)

  5. When your pieces start showing wear and tear from love, repair them, upcycle them, pass them on, or donate them. After all, that's Her Pony's humble beginnings. 

We don't want to see our clothes in landfill - let's work together to create circular fashion.