Ethics & Sustainability

Our Production

Socially responsible in every stitch

We believe the key to an ethical production process is transparency. It’s important to us at Her Pony that you know exactly where your pieces are made and how they come to arrive in that beautiful little package of goodness that arrives on your doorstep.

Our production factory is based in Bali, Indonesia (we call it our Bali Hub), where we have strong ties with our team and their culture. The Bali Hub started as a small creative space for Her Pony Owner and Creative Designer, Lauren, when she lived in it’s palm tree lined paradise as the business expanded. Today, Lauren has actually moved back to Bali so she can continue to work closely with the team while the label grows. We'd love for you to meet them?

Outsourcing production to a developing country can be assumed to reduce costs and even support a fast fashion industry - but believe us when we say that is absolutely not the case for Her Pony. The hub was born from a love of Bali itself, and a desire to support their culture and community in a way that we know they are being fairly looked after.

By employing our Bali team, we are building a community that gets:
* Paid fairly on a skill-based wage;
* Financial support in times of need;
* Money for daily lunches, special ceremonies and events; and
* We also offer micro loans to the staff to pursue their own side projects.

Our pieces are all individually hand made, in small runs. By doing this we avoid mass production at all costs and ensure each item passes through loving hands. Her Pony is made with love and made to last - it’s what we are at our core. Love for the clothing, for the customer, and for the craftspeople.

To read more detail about our design and production process, read our blog on slow fashion here.

You can feel good knowing your clothes come from a good place, with both the people and the planet in mind, honeys. 


Our Fibres

Clothing that doesn’t cost the planet 

Part of our design process includes the hunt for more sustainable fabrics that suit the range - which is where our latest 100% eco fiber rayon was added to the collection. Working towards all sustainable fabrics is a goal we hope to achieve in the coming years, and we want to thank our honeys for supporting us as we make changes towards this.

Sustainability isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a constant process of growth, education and re-evaluation. Finding the right supply chain takes a lot of time and work - but it’s two things we are more than ready for.

We do not use pure, non-organic cotton fabrics, or GMO cotton, as it’s harsh on both the environment and the people. Aside from polluting the water systems with the harsh chemicals it’s treated with, it also demands huge amounts of water for production.

We hope to create a bright future for fashion, our makers, and the earth. It’s a big journey, but one we’re proud to share.

Our fave fabrics currently in our collections:

Asia Pacific Rayon: This special certified fibre comes from wood cellulose, which is completely natural and both breathable and biodegradable. It also comes from sustainably managed forests. Completely renewable, incredibly soft. More info HERE

Cotton Spandex: Instead of GMO cotton (which a lot of fast fashion brands use) we use a sustainably produced cotton spandex that’s derived from natural, organic fibres with Standard 100 ink by Oeko-Tex®. This not only allows the fabric to feel beautifully soft and breathable, but ensures the hands it passes through are safe from harmful chemicals – as they should be. More info HERE

Linen: Long-loved for its gentle feel and breathable qualities, linen is made from the flax plant which grows resiliently with very little water. Recyclable, biodegradable and reliably strong, this natural fibre is kind to you and the planet. There’s nothing to pick at here.

Organic Cotton Bamboo: Our blend of organic cotton and bamboo brings together two sets of sustainable qualities for a soft and breathable material that’s just so delicious to pull on. Grown without nasty chemicals, organic cotton promotes healthy farming and production practices, while bamboo’s self-regenerating, fast-growing, antibacterial nature make it an environmentally friendly fibre choice.

Our Packaging

Zero plastic policy

We believe one of the key impacts we can make is to reduce the waste that’s created through ecommerce on a daily basis. That’s why we have made sure our packaging is plastic free and compostable.

Except from the barcode sticker (we’re working on an alternative for this so please bare with us honeys) not a single piece of plastic comes on the Her Pony journey from the Bali Hub to our warehouse, and to your closet – something we’re incredibly proud of.

All garments are protected in biodegradable bags, and our eco postage satchels from HEAPS GOOD are made from a combination of cornstarch, PBAT (a bio-based polymer which is compostable) and PLA which is made up of plant materials.

Finally, each order is lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with a little thank you card from us to you - both 100% recyclable and compostable from noissue. Driven by sustainability, HEAPS GOOD and noissue base off a circular waste ideology: manufacture, consume, compost = zero waste. Just the way we like it.

We need you to do your bit too though, bbys. After you've unwrapped your treasures, please make sure you remove the barcode sticker and shipping sticker to put to landfill, but place all of the remaining packaging in your green waste bin. This ensures it ends up in the right place and can be quickly broken down by Mother Nature.

Did we mention HEAPS GOOD also plant a tree for every order and noissue have teamed up with global reforestation organisations, too? It just makes us love them even more.


Treasures made with love by us, for you, with the environment in mind.

We know we aren’t perfect yet, but we are always making adjustments towards our company's sustainable growth and brainstorming ways we can make positive change happen within the fashion industry.

One of the ways we hope to do this is through education. We want to inspire people just like you, to make positive changes that create a ripple effect of sustainable choices. To educate on the fast fashion industry and the detrimental impact it’s having on our earth, the importance of supporting small businesses within slow fashion, and the changes required to meet a sustainable future.

An important step towards our sustainable vision was receiving our PETA Approved Vegan recognition in January this year. Although something we have always been, we wanted you to be able to shop with confidence knowing we're cruelty free - and in doing so we get to support all the good work PETA do to make this the norm.

We have big goals for 2022 and the following years, including an exciting project dedicated to nourishing our beautiful Mother Earth. We’ll keep you updated on this one honeys, because we can’t wait to introduce it.

It’s our promise to you, that wherever and however we grow, our core values will not falter. We will continue to design from our vintage origins, educate on fashion’s impact, and create clothing that is made with absolute love, to make you feel every bit as incredible as the person you are.

Please keep tagging us in your pieces, sharing the love, and supporting us as we embrace this journey to a positive future that supports the environment.

We are people just like you, and it’s the personal touches to our brand that we love and won’t let go of.