Up close and personal with @chloecxmpbell

Shot by @wearemissmedia
HP honey @chloecxmpbell is wearing size 12 tops (10E cup) and size 6 bottoms.
My Name is Chloe Campbell and I’m currently a stylist for a brand, TikTok administrator, and an emerging model, but my passions are really with music and art. I love Folk songwriting (though I’m not very good ahah), I also play guitar and sing, I’ve done this since I was 11. Music festivals are a big part of my happiness, I love being immersed into a beautiful experience of all my favourite artists. I do everything with music. My favourite artist is Rodriguez, he’s a classic, and his music is poetry, and you bet he will be the top of my Spotify wrapped every single year.
I also am an indigenous artist. I am a worimi woman, and love painting and expressing a part of me that I want to keep alive for generations to come! A lot of my paintings are based around from where the worimi people are from, which is port Stevens region. Lots of ocean and land based, and yes I listen to Rodriguez while creating and painting!

My favourite place to travel would be mount Tambourine in QLD, it’s actually the place where I realised I was in love. I’ve been camping there, and also stayed in an air bnb. There are just such beautiful interesting restaurants including a polish one. There is a view that is insane, you could sit there all day. It’s a perfect rainy day escape. The pub have these big beautiful Saint Bernard dogs that greet you on your way in. But nothing beats home - Byron Bay. The music, the art, the people. It’s hard to have a favourite travel destination when you live in one yourself!
What do I do for fun?
When I’m not working or doing something creative, I love to have a glass on Pinot noir, crack on a record with some friends, and play pool with my cat running around chasing the balls haha I have a cat named Roku, my partner named her and it just suits her so well! She is just a big fun bottle of Gin!
My ideal Sunday?
Would be a Sunday drive to no where. Finding new hidden gems, and stopping wherever we find our selves. Then stopping in at the Lillium cafe for lunch, my favourite place to go relax, no phone service, and eat some good wholesome food. Ending the day by the river with a 6 pack of ginger beers (lime and Ice of course) and a local pizza, with my partner by my side, talking about what TV show we are going to binge once we get home.
Shot by @wearemissmedia