Deadstock Fabrics: Cute, One-of-a-kind Clothing, That's Kind To The Planet

It doesn't get more vintage and sustainable than our deadstock collection, honeys. These unique treasures are cute, waste-free, and ultimately individual, just the way we like it.

What is deadstock?

The special thing about deadstock is it's the very last rolls of fabric that stores need to move, often as a result of companies overstocking. Purchasing deadstock means we're not creating more demand for fabric, but using what's already there and reducing textile waste.

Deadstock is ethical slow fashion at its finest, giving a second life to fabric that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. It's one of our favourite things about our Creative Director, Lauren. Her talented eye for seeing the potential of what end of the line fabrics could become. It takes her right back to Her Pony's humble beginnings, hunting for sustainable vintage. One mans trash is another mans treasure, right?

Taking one-of-a-kind clothing to new heights

These limited edition ranges are the epitome of unique, as there is only enough fabric for a few of each style to be made. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you'll be one of the only ones to call it yours. How special is that?