Australia's Ultimate Summer Music Festival Guide December-March 23/24: Unleash Your Inner Festival Goddess!

Aussie Summer Music Festival Guide

Hello there, festival honeys! Ready to embark on a musical journey across Australia in 2024? From the euphoric realms of EDM to the rhythmic beats of trance, the land down under is calling you to its most electrifying music festival.

And more than music; it's about fashion, freedom, and creating memories under the Aussie sun and stars. Let's explore the music festivals that should be on every festival lover's bucket list.

Remember, honeys, music festivals are about making memories with your tribe. So grab your friends, pick your festivals, and plan those iconic looks!

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Let's make 2024 a year of unforgettable music and fashion moments.

See you on the festival grounds, honeys!

Beyond The Valley - Electronic / Hip-hop

When: December 28, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Where: Barunah Plains, Hesse, Victoria 

Featuring: RÜFÜS DU SOL, Central Cee, Peggy Gou, Kelis, Destroy Lonely, and more 

A sun-kissed landscape, a stellar lineup of artists, and a community of like-minded souls coming together for an unforgettable celebration. Beyond The Valley isn't your average fest; it's a whole experience that transcends expectations.

As soon as you arrive at the festival grounds, you feel an infectious wave of energy. The atmosphere is electric, buzzing with excitement, and anticipation. The diverse range of music sets the stage on fire. Whether you're into electronic beats, indie jams, or heart-thumping rock, there's something for everyone.

But Beyond The Valley isn't just about the headliners. It's about discovering new sounds and hidden gems from up-and-coming artists, amazing visuals, gourmet delights, and a warm community vibe.

Because sharing stories, laughs, and unforgettable moments with strangers-turned-friends is what music festivals like Beyond The Valley are truly all about.

NYE on the Hill - Mixed Genres

When: December 30,2023  - January 1, 2024 

Where: The Farm, South Gippsland 

Featuring: Ball Park Music, Alex Lahey, Dice, and many more!

The most epic way to welcome the New Year—NYE on the Hill!

Picture this: rolling hills, good vibes, and a lineup that'll make your heart skip a beat. It's a mind-blowing experience that's all about music, mates, and making memories to kick off the year right.

The music lineup is out of this world! Featuring some of the hottest acts on the music scene, like Ball Park Music—the indie rock icons who will have you tripping the light fantastic. Alex Lahey, Gretta Ray, and many more.

But NYE on the Hill isn't just about the music; it's a whole vibe. Camping under the stars with your crew, swapping stories around the campfire, and meeting new friends. It's a community that feels like a big, welcoming family.

Without doubt, the real magic happens when the clock strikes 12. Fireworks lighting up the night sky, cheers echoing through the hills, and hugs all around. There's something special about ringing in the New Year in such a breathtaking setting.

So, if you're looking for a New Year's Eve celebration that's more than just parties and confetti, NYE on the Hill is where it's at.

Get ready to dance, laugh, and welcome the New Year in the most epic way possible!

Lost Paradise - Electronic / bush doof / rave

When: December 28, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Where: Glenworth Valley NSW 

Featuring: Flume, Foals, Dom Dolla and more! 

Lost Paradise Festival is a hidden gem that's all about celebrating life and art. This music festival typically takes place over the New Year's Eve period. So it offers attendees a unique way to ring in the new year.

The festival boasts a diverse lineup of musical acts spanning various genres, including electronic, indie, rock, and more. It features both renowned local Australian artists and international performers, offering a rich tapestry of sounds to cater to different tastes.

But hey, it’s not just about the music; Lost Paradise is a vibe check for your entire being!

You can have a holistic experience by incorporating wellness activities such as yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and healing arts.

Additionally, the festival fosters artistic expression by featuring captivating art installations, interactive experiences, and performance arts. These elements cultivate an atmosphere that actively promotes creativity and encourages exploration among attendees.

Most importantly, Lost Paradise champions sustainability, encouraging eco-conscious practices and initiatives and minimizing our impact on this beautiful world we call home.

Summer Music Festival

Heaps Good - Indie / Rock

When: December 31, 2023 - January 6, 2024

Where: Melbourne (December 31st), 

Brisbane (January 2nd), 

Adelaide (January 6th) 

Featuring: Flume, Foals, The Avalanches, SBTRKT and more 

Heaps Good is back in action after totally crushing it in Adelaide earlier this year!

This time around, they're coming in hot for round two, and trust me, it's gonna be bigger and better than ever.

Brought to you by the producers behind Falls, Heaps Good is a music festival that will rock your new year.

The 2023/24 edition of Heaps Good is expanding to Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl & Surrounds on New Year's Eve. Following this, the event will swinging up to Sandstone Point in Brisbane on Tuesday 2 January. Finally, They'll bringing it all home to Adelaide Showground on Saturday 6 January.

Initiation Festival NYE 23/24 - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: December 28, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Where: Wyaralong, QLD

Featuring: Butterz, Doppel, Fabio Leal, Fowl Owl and more

Initiation Festival NYE 2024 is calling, and it's set to be a sensational journey you won't want to miss!

Imagine over 100 music acts, a blend of electrifying electronic beats, and soulful live performances. Whether you're a die-hard electronic music fan or a lover of diverse musical styles, this festival's lineup is curated to thrill every musical palate.

Initiation Festival focuses on the community, offering over 30 workshops for connection, learning, and fun.

If you're planning on stretching out in morning yoga sessions, getting hands-on in tye-dye workshops, or connecting through dance, there's something for every soul.

Art enthusiasts, you're in for a treat! The festival boasts an art gallery with live paintings and exhibitions, alongside an art and craft market. Every morning, the festival grounds awaken with creativity and inspiration.

So, pack your bags for a soulful stay at Initiation Festival NYE 2024. Let's dance under the stars, learn something new, and enter the New Year with hearts full of music and minds full of unforgettable memories.

Rainbow Spirit Festival - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: January 24, 2024

Where: Melbourne Pavilion

Featuring: D-NOX, Opiuo, Zen Mechanics and more

Let me tell you about the Rainbow Spirit Festival, a half-day extravaganza of music, art, and community vibes in the heart of Victoria, Australia.

Trust me, this is one event you don't want to miss.

The Rainbow Spirit Festival, previously known as the Rainbow Serpent Festival, is like stepping into a musical Narnia.

With genres ranging from psychedelic trance and minimal techno to reggae and hip-hop, there's something for every beat-lover.

Imagine dancing under the stars at the Main Stage or grooving to the chill vibes at the Sunset Stage—it's a party that you won't want to end!

This festival isn't just a treat for your ears; it's a feast for your eyes and soul too. Art installations that'll make your Instagram pop, workshops that'll feed your brain, and market stalls for some retail therapy.

So, honeys, if you're up for an adventure that's all about music, art, and good vibes, the Rainbow Spirit Festival is calling your name. Pack your bags, gather your crew, and let's make some memories that'll last a lifetime.

See you in the land of rainbows and beats!

Elements Festival 2024 - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: January 25–28, 2024

Where: Sunshine Coast, Hitherland

Featuring: Dubfire, Ternion Sound, Zen Mechanics and more

Elements Festival is where music genres collide in the most beautiful way.

Imagine yourself immersed in the beats of world-class DJs and live acts. From thumping electronic to soulful acoustic sessions. In fact, every stage is a new journey.

Whether you’re a techno-head, a bass-lover, or just in for the vibes, Elements has got your playlist sorted!

The stages are a whole vibe too; they've got epic light shows and thumping bass lines. It's where the night comes alive.

Elements isn't just a feast for the ears; it's a playground for your senses. From towering installations to interactive art pieces, it’s like walking through a live gallery.

Mind-expanding workshops fill the day—yoga at dawn, dance workshops, or eco-friendly talks—these experiences expand your mind and body in new ways.

And, of course, satisfy your cravings with delicious, healthy food options. Vegan, gluten-free, or a hearty burger—they've got it all!

So, if you’re craving an adventure that's as much about the journey as the destination, Elements Festival 2024 is your ticket to music festival paradise.

Gather your squad, prep your wildest outfits, and let’s make some magic under the stars.

Trishula Gathering 2024 - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

 When: February 9–12 , 2024

Where: Near Melbourne

Featuring: Mirror | Me, LÜdic, Mindsdream and more

Trishula Gathering offers over 50 hours of experimental and psychedelic sound structures, promising to transport your mind to unknown realms.

The music festival showcases a diverse lineup of both up-and-coming and established music producers. Each artist brings a unique sound profile, untethered from the typical expectations of dark and psychedelic genres.

Imagine a place where the beats touches your soul. Trishula Gathering is all about that deep, rhythmic connection.

Get ready for cutting-edge sound systems and visual spectacles that will blow your mind! It's where the energy is infectious and the nights are endless.

This festival is also a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences. With workshops ranging from spiritual awakenings to creative arts, there's something new to learn and experience every day.

Summer Music Festival

The Source Bagaraygan - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: February 16–18, 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable 4-day extravaganza at "The Source Bagaraygan." This isn't your average music festival; it's a heartwarming blend of joy, learning, and cultural celebration.

Every moment is a chance to dance, laugh, and pick up some cool life skills from our amazing community members. It's all about partying with a purpose and growing a little each day.

They are here to spread a message that's close to our hearts: Love, not hate, is what makes our community thrive. The Source Bagaraygan is a special way of showing how unity and understanding can transform us.

Are you in for a music festival that transforms you?

At "The Source Bagaraygan," you'll leave with glitter in your hair, a heart full of new experiences, and a mind brimming with insights.

Let's dance, learn, and grow together.

Esoteric Festival 2024 - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: March 8–12, 2024

Where: Donald, Victoria

Featuring:  Spoonbill, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass, Vandeta and more

From March 8–12, the serene gum trees of Donald in Western Victoria are transforming into a wonderland of music, arts, and an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Yes, Honeys, it's set to be a Labour Day Weekend like no other!

Esoteric Festival isn't just a music festival; it's a symphony of arts, music, and lifestyle.

Imagine being surrounded by over 105 international and local artists, each bringing their unique beats and melodies across seven electrifying stages. The vibe is cool, small, and intimate.

Esoteric believes in the power of a close-knit community vibe, and let me tell you, Honeys, the energy there is just otherworldly.

As you wander through this mystical terrain, you'll be greeted by jaw-dropping visuals, enchanting forest lights, and ethereal artworks. It's a sensory overload in the best way possible.

See yourself strolling through vibrant market stalls, attending soul-nourishing workshops, and discovering secret areas that'll make your heart skip a beat. And let's not forget the food—an assortment of flavours waiting to be savoured.

So, let's pack our bags with our sparkliest outfits, our hearts full of excitement, and our spirits open to the mystical energies of the Esoteric Festival 2024.

Trust me, Honeys, this is one adventure you don't want to miss!

Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2024 - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: March 28, 2024 - April 1, 2024

Where: Cherrabah Resort, Elbow Valley QLD

Since its inception in 2008, Rabbits Eat Lettuce has evolved from a tribal Easter party to an iconic music festival. Now, it is celebrated up and down Australia's East Coast.

And it’s more than a music festival. it’s a transformational journey that rekindles the essence of freedom and mystery. You'll find yourself in a magical world of adventure and self-discovery, where every corner is designed for wonder, connection, and fun​​.

The lineup is a dreamy mix of electronic, hip-hop, house, psytrance, and techno. We're talking about four days of non-stop music that'll have us dancing till dawn.

This isn't your typical music festival. It's a place where freedom and love are the languages spoken. You'll find yourself part of a community where every smile and every dance move is shared in pure joy.

It's a chance to let go, be yourself, and dance like nobody's watching.

So, honeys, are you ready to hop into this adventure? I know I am!

Let's pack our bags with all things bright and beautiful, and prepare for a festival experience that’s as wild and free as the rabbits it's named after.

Electric Gardens Festival - Electronic / Bush Doof / Rave

When: March 30th (Melbourne), March 31st (Sydney), April 7th (Perth)

Featuring: Armand Van Helden, Franky Wah, Kristen Knight, Roger Sanchez, Sashsa and more

After a four-year hiatus, Electric Gardens is making a grand comeback in 2024.

The music festival is known for its impressive artist lineup, boasting renowned names in the electronic music scene.

Their diverse array of talent ensures that attendees will experience different electronic music styles, from classic hits to contemporary beats​.

Electric Gardens takes pride in offering a unique open-air experience. With a one-stage setup, the festival creates an intimate atmosphere where attendees can fully engage with the music and performances.

The open-air setting, combined with top-notch sound and lighting production, promises a sensory feast that enhances the overall music festival experience.

Electric Gardens is a celebration of electronic culture. It's a place for making memories, meeting new friends, and where each beat has a story.

After its hiatus, the return feels even more special—like reuniting with an old friend who always knew how to throw the best parties.

So, are you ready to be part of this electrifying comeback? Grab your friends, put on your best outfit, and let’s make this Easter one for the history books.

Summer Music Festival

Get Dressed for a Music festival

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Your Festival Fashion Forecast

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