A Sustainable Vision – A Letter from the Directors

Hey honeys,

You may not be aware but Her Pony is a sustainable and eco brand that puts the planet first. With every stitch, bead, cut and sew, our garments are hand made with limited production to reduce waste – and with a zero plastic policy to match. 

We’re not a big corporation, in fact, we’re the opposite. We’re an Australian team of two that simply aim to create head turning, “damn-I-look-good” feeling, long lasting materials that don’t hurt the environment. 

We’re all about slow fashion. And while we’ve always been eco behind the scenes, we’ve decided it’s time to do our part for the earth by highlighting the environmentally conscious decisions that we make so you, in turn, can be buyer aware. 

So from today we’ll be introducing “Sustainability Saturday” to educate our customers, and drive us to continually achieve better. We’ll be posting behind the scenes from our factory in Bali, our journey to plastic free, sourcing materials, and much more, so you can get to know Her Pony like we do. 

For now, if you’re interested have a little look here at our vision and sustainability so you can learn a little more about what we do. 

We want to thank you too, for supporting us and the slow fashion industry. By being industry conscious, you’re making more of a difference than you realise. 

Love x 

Lauren and Steph